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Jeff Juliano

In nearly every facet of music, there is a true professional who will accept nothing less than perfection. In the professional mixing world, that person is Jeff Juliano. Meet Jeff If you had the chance to sit with Jeff and talk about his amazing work, the one thing...

Joe Barresi

Joe Barresi has produced, engineered and mixed some of the most important hard rock, metal and punk bands of the last 15 years including Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, Bad Religion, The Melvins, Skunk Anansie, Turbonegro, Anthrax and Clutch. Joe can also claim one of...

Michael Wagener

He is one of the most revered and talented producers and engineers in the world of music. Meet Michael In the recording industry, his is a household name. With good reason, Michael Wagener is known as one of the most revered and talented producers and engineers in the...

Rail Jon Rogut

We briefly chatted with Rail about his career and Ready Acoustics: Meet Rail "Rail" (as he is known everywhere in the professional recording world) is one busy guy. As an abject Pro Tools aficionado and the virtual voice of the Digidesign User's Conference, Rail's...

TBR Studio

TBR Studio is the high end of the home studio market. Check out a real case story of Ready Traps in action. Learn About TBR Studio A superlative characteristic of any great studio is its willingness to accept nothing less than the best for its clients. And with that;...


Early Reflections Explained

The need for treating early refection points is common in smaller rooms. "Early" reflections are sound waves that bounce off something [like a wall or the ceiling] and arrive at your ears at almost precisely the same time as the direct sound coming from the sound...

Ready Acoustics Case Study

Before we begin, let's familiarize ourselves with the layout of the graphs. The horizontal axis represents frequency, a measure of the highness or lowness of sound; the lowest sound is on the left and the highest is on the right. The vertical axis represents the...

What is Bass Trap?

Why haven't I heard of a Bass Trap or High Frequency Panel and what is the difference between the two? A BASS trap is simply a device designed to absorb low frequency sound and enhance your overall sound experience. Ready Traps use mineral fiber to capture sound...

Why should I buy from Ready Acoustics?

Our products are used by professionals such as Jeff Juliano, Michael Wagener, Joe Baressi, Erben Perez, David Bendeth, DW Drums, the US Government, US Military, Comcast Offices, Renowned Art Galleries, the United Nations Building and many more. These pros and...


True Customer Service

I first off would like to say thank you for shipping to an APO address, most businesses don’t offer this kind of support. These panels look great and even work better. I live in an apartment that is all concrete and had horrible reflections. I just bought two panels to try them out , but could not be happier. I’ll buy more in the future to finish my apartment. Thank you

Keith Homan

Very good ready accoustics

Simply fantastic!!! — The diference your Chameleon panels have made. The best buy of my life Thank you. P.S. the bag/panel assembly was much less of a hassle than I expected. Actually, “a piece of cake”. I will recommend your products, unequivocally. Thank you, again.

Pablo Portuondo

Quality and Thoroughness

The first thing I noticed was the excellent packaging. Then, the panels themselves are far more impressive in-person and do indeed help solve room issues while not deadening the entire space. Also impressive is R.A’s attention to detail. They include all of the necessary mounting hardware which for the user is the difference between getting them installed right away, and “getting around” to getting them installed! I had 5 panels up in no time. Thanks for the quality products !! I will surely be purchasing more in the near future.

Vinnie Simonette