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Home Theater Acoustics

Not totally satisfied with your Movie or Gaming experience? Ready Acoustics Bass Traps and acoustic panels are a scientific, aesthetic and affordable solution!

In most Home Theaters and Gaming Environments, superb screen choice, comfortable seating and professional sound are the absolute goal. But, to create the Ultimate in your personal Movie or Gaming experience, you need to first look at how your room acoustics are presented. Is your sound really punchy and tight? Do sound images move seamlessly between your speakers? How tight is the bass response in your room? Do you feel that thump when the director of the movie planted it in the story? Or do you hear that tiresome, bouncing whoooom when a tight bass response is really desired? How about the explosion during a futuristic sequence or the light rain on window in your favorite movie or game? Does this sound translate into emotion and realness in your sound environment? Can you hear the softest whisper, or faintest sound from off in the distance?

In most cases, people only hear a fraction of what a director, composer or game creator wants you to hear because your sound system is crippled by bad acoustics and bad sound translation in your room. It’s not your fault, or the fault of your sound system, it;s just that your room acoustics are preventing you from hearing, feeling and enjoying all that you have put into your personal Home Theater, Gaming environment and critical listening area. Luckily, the solution to creating the most enjoyable and REAL movie or gaming experience is as close as your keyboard and mouse. Ready Acoustics Broadband Bass traps and acoustic panels are the right prescription for your sound environment and will finally let you hear and feel what the Experience intended. Ready Acoustics Home Theater Bass Traps and Gaming acoustic panel solutions are easy to install and create a listening space that will bring you right inside your surround experience.

Get started with one of our packages below, or ask us what you need: What Do I Need?


Church Acoustics

Churches are not immune from acoustic problems, and Ready Acoustics offers solutions perfectly suited for a number of situations commonly encountered by houses of worship and their related structures.

Excess reverb field strength in large rooms results in too much echo [“boominess”] which can make enjoying musical programs and even understanding the sermon difficult. Speech intelligibility and musical clarity suffer in these circumstances.

Ready Acoustic panels offer a means of installing tasteful and affordable acoustic absorption into large rooms and yield a much more pleasant and meaningful service for the congregation by allowing them to hear the words of clergymen distinctly and experience the full richness of musical elements.

Our products are also suitable for the treatment of other church and large institutional structures such as multi-use fellowship halls, youth centers, and gymnasiums. With proper acoustic treatments these halls can be made suitable for all their potential uses. Contact us to discuss you specific needs and how we can help you find the best solution.

Studio Acoustics

Ready Acoustics products are used world-wide and in all kinds of studios. From very basic bedroom or basement recording and mixing rooms, to World Class facilities, we have the products you need to solve nearly every acoustics issue. Check out our Chameleon Room Packages or one of the RT Series packs of acoustical absorbers. Want to save more money and get the best acoustical products around? Use our DIY Ready Bags together with our Chameleon Acoustic frames and save – big!

Check out some of these cool spaces that use Ready Acoustics Bass Traps, HF/ Noise Absorbers, Ultra Bass Traps, Acoustic Panel stands, DIY Products and more:

Pacyderm Studios
Cannon Falls, MN

“We love the Ready Acoustics Chameleon Bass Traps and Bass Traps stands!” – Matthew M. Mueller, Pachyderm Studios

Monument Sound
Colorado Springs, CO

“Buying Chameleon Bass Traps meant we didn’t have to settle for more expensive treatments with few color choices” – Chris Andrews, Monument Sound

Office Studios
Van Nuys, CA

Left to right: Brett Chassen’s head, Lemmy (Motorhead), Bob Kulick, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

“Ready Acoustics Panels are brilliantly made – the most important part of our studio arsenal!” – Brett Chassen/ Bob Kulick – Office Studios

Full Moon Recording
Keene, VA

“Awesome Bass Traps!” – Full Moon Recording – Ron Ruane, Owner

Restaurant Acoustics

Most Restaurants are in the business of making people happy. They do this by delivering good food, good service and an enjoyable experience that brings people back time and time again. When a restaurant is noisy, loud and when people have to strain to hear each other, music or your staff, the experience is diminished, or worse – fatiguing.

Solution? – Absorb noise and reflected sound so only the nice, PURE- direct sound of voice, music, water, etc is heard. Strategically placed Noise Absorbers can turn an ok dining experience into something magical. Absorbing unwanted – reflected sound helps to deliver clean, intelligible sound to the entire room making your customers happier, your staff more enthused and a restaurant / bar experience your patrons will back time and time again to enjoy.

Ready Acoustics Noise Absorbers are Class A Fire rated and meet every Fire Code in the USA and Canada. A Class A Fire Rating is required for such establishments and can acoustical absorbers with this rating may even help to reduce your insurance premiums.

Colors and Style to match ANY decor – Chameleon Acoustic Panels and Noise Absorbers are not only safe, they also come in 52 Fabric and Frame combinations to suit nearly any decor. We can further customize your acoustical absorbers with our selection of 7 Frame colors and YOUR fabric choice! Call us for more information and pricing on further customization for your special space!

Here is what one of our happy Restaurant Customers had to say about Ready Acoustics and their choice for Chameleon Noise Absorbers in their establishment:

“Before installing these acoustical panels in our restaurant, it was very loud (and borderline annoying) on busier weekend nights. Since the Ready Acoustics panels were installed, there has been a night and day difference between the noise level and echos that were in the restaurant. The panels have helped to eliminate at least half of the echos and absorb the noise in Lures Bar and Grille. Not only did they help with the sound problem, but the appearance of the Chameleon panels actually gave our restaurant a newer look that our guests say is better than the old plain ceiling. This was an added bonus that we did not expect, but are extremely excited about! We, and all of our guests, are definitely thrilled with the decision we made to install the Ready Acoustics Chameleon panels”

Mike Wiland
General Manager
Lures Bar and Grille
Crownsville, Md 21032

Gymnasium Acoustics

Large rooms are a Specialty for Ready Acoustics. Our popular echo reducing acoustical treatments are ultra effective, and very affordable. Large spaces with many hard surfaces (such as Gymnasiums) suffer from very long reverb times (repeat sounds over and over and over again by bouncing around the room). Ready Acoustics HF Noise Absorbers and Chameleon C2 absorption panels help reduce reverb time so that speech becomes far more intelligible, sound and music becomes more natural, articulate and easier to hear and feel. In some cases where budgets are low, and super effective acoustical treatments are still necessary, many folks turn to Ready Acoustics DIY products. Our famous DIY Ready Bags, Acoustic Insulation and DIY steel Acoustic Frames (Chameleon Acoustic Frames) allow you to install “self” assembled acoustical absorption panels that look very expensive and perform better than other products on the market that cost 10 times as much. Self assembly is very, very easy using our DIY products and kits and you can easily install them yourself, just a pro.

Contact the Acoustical Pros at Ready Acoustic today and find out how our products can help you turn your larege space into a thing of sonic beauty! We offer free advice with no hassle and no hard selling, ever. Our moto is, “We don’t SELL anything. We help people buy.”

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Office Acoustics

At Ready Acoustics, we believe in your desire to change the way people hear you in business, the way your goals and dreams are understood, your desire to help focus their attention on your vision for the company. We believe that if the people you want to effect can clearly hear and clearly understand your ideas, you can change the way they think, help create passion for your objective and reach your end game.

Ready Acoustics’ panels are the perfect solution for offices where speech intelligibility and noise reduction is the goal. Acoustical absorption is far and away the most efficient and effective solution to calming your office environment by ridding it of noise.

Office noise can accumulate when speech volumes are raised and/or when additional voices are added to the room. Speech frequencies bounce off of hard objects and surfaces and begin “smearing” the overall sound of the workplace. The result is that voices get louder and louder, making it difficult for you to hear other people’s words in meetings or to even hear your own phone conversations.

The solution: High Frequency/ Noise Absorption Panels from Ready Acoustics.

These panels are designed to absorb high frequencies and noises that bounce off of hard surfaces. Without acoustical absorption, noise tends to continue bouncing until it finally dissipates over a long period of time. Strategically placed absorbers will catch noise/ reflections and not allow them to bounce around in the room.

The result is soft, pleasant sound. Speech becomes clearer and more articulate, and music becomes more enjoyable. A better, happier environment is created for those working in the office, which in the end is a benefit to you and your customers.

See our most popular office products here:

Chameleon C2™ High Frequency/Noise Absorption Panel
Ready Traps™ 2” High Frequency/Noise Absorption Panels (Set of 3)

More Spaces

Ready Acoustics and Comcast Corporation’s Business Offices

Comcast is the country’s largest provider of cable services, and its size and scope certainly allow it to choose whatever product providers it wants. Comcast chose Ready Acoustics for its video and sound studio and listening rooms.

“Installing Ready Acoustics products in our studio and listening rooms has made a night-and-day difference in the sound of our recordings. Before, the articulation in a sound or voice was difficult hear and understand. With Chameleon Bass Traps installed, we can hear everything, and listening is more enjoyable and perfect than ever before. We highly recommend Ready Acoustics.”
Gary Hill, Comcast, Inc.

In a multi-task environment where sound and speech articulation is critical, you can depend on Ready Acoustics’ HF/Noise Absorbers and Broadband Bass Traps to bring those sounds to life. By actually absorbing echoes and cluttered noise from listening environments, our products help you realize just how enjoyable it can be to listen in your space.

What’s more, when you use Ready Acoustics’ HF/Noise Absorbers and Broadband Bass Traps for your office, studio, living room or any other space, you also add beauty that you can customize to your liking.

Check out Ready Acoustics’ Chameleon Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels in Comcast’s sound/video studios and listening rooms.

Products Used:

Ready Acoustics and

Glenn Reynolds is not your ordinary blogger. With tons of visitors flocking to his site,, every day to read about his interests and his take on current events, Glenn is more like a ‘What’s Happening and What’s Cool Right Now’ guru.

We at Ready Acoustics were thrilled when the opportunity arose for us to send Glenn our RT424 Broadband Bass Traps and Chameleon Bass Traps for his podcast/TV studio. After they were installed he featured a review of them on his blog, and both he and his ‘InstaWife’, Helen, love them!

The noise/echo absorption capabilities of the panels have brought a cool, intelligible sound to Glenn’s podcasts. The panels’ low frequency attenuation means truly better, tighter, and more audible bass.

Check out Ready Acoustics’ RT424 Broadband Bass Traps (in basic red) in Glenn’s TV/podcast studio. Get the same results in your home theater, studio, or other space – pick up some of your own Ready Acoustics products and get a whole lot of great sound for very little out of your pocket!

Products Used: