Ready Acoustics, LLC is a company made up of professional musicians, sound engineers, acousticians and acoustics professionals. It is our goal to help you in most efficient manner possible and to offer solutions that fit your acoustical needs, aesthetic desires and preferred budget. We encourage you to contact us at any time with suggestions on how we can improve our service and products for you and others. We value the time your input takes more than you can ever know.

The Search
When we were looking for Bass Traps for our small studio, we found loads of information regarding frequency response, absorption, and placement of acoustical enhancement panels. We also found a lot of conflicting arguments about what materials worked best for each application. To say the least, we also found many, many acoustical products that just did not work, and/or they were outrageously expensive.

The Research . . .
Having a small budget for the entire project and being anxious to get it finished, we looked to doing it ourselves. We looked at mounds of material on the subject of acoustic space treatment and started to see some common threads. The guts of the acoustic materials needed to be proven effective, and the look of each panel needed to be elegant, and fitting for that space. They also needed to hang from a wall, corner or ceiling, easily. When we were finished building our products, we had a set of beautiful bass traps that were as effective as any other product available and at a much reduced cost. In fact, we used the left over money to buy more microphones and another preamp!

The Realization . . .
Though the process of developing Ready Traps took a very long time, and painstaking critique, we are proud to say we have the finest Bass Traps and acoustical enhancement solutions on the market today. Ready Traps were designed and constructed by professional musicians with discriminating ears, and eyes. With countless hours in top recording studios and endless hours of recording and mixing, we felt more confident in their assessment of our finished products, then anyone else’s. 

The Vision . . .
Our company is based in Minnesota and our President, Joel DuBay Sr. is a professional, (hard to please) musician. It is his extremely cost conscious, high quality attitude that realized the need for an acoustic product that would look great, sound amazing and cost far less than any comparable solution. With years of recording music for CD and film, Joel wanted to provide a perfect acoustical solution for those who were cost conscious, but were wary of products that were “cheap”. In the end, Ready Traps have become known for their super high quality, effectiveness, elegant looks and ability to help those who need a complete, “turn-key” solution or who want to do part of the work themselves, anywhere in the World.

Ready Traps is a limited liability corporation based in Elk River, MN USA