Acoustical Primer

What is sound?

Sound is mechanical vibrations transmitted by an elastic medium. We perceive sound typically through the medium air which conveys vibrations to our ear drums

What is a sound wave?

A wave that transmits sound… typically a vibrational pattern in the air around us. It is helpful perhaps to think of waves on a beach because these are waves that unlike sound waves, we can see. Just as a wave of water lifts and then lowers the surface of the water as it passes, so sound waves cause a rise and then lowering of local air pressure as they pass. This squeezing and stretching of the air around you happens just as waves on the water lift and then lower. We perceive this shift back and forth of the position of air molecules and air pressure as sound.

How does sound get “muddied”?

Sound doesn’t really get muddy – what happens is that our ability to hear sounds clearly – exactly the way they were produced – can in some circumstances be reduced – sometimes so much we lose the information content of the sound [can’t separate the kick bass hits from bumps from the electric bass or keyboards – or lose intelligibility of movie dialogue]. We call the result “muddy” because what would in other circumstances be a clear, tight, intelligible sound is instead indistinct, boomy, incomprehensible. A common cause of this problem is rooms that that allow coherent sounds [such as music] to echo’s off the local surfaces e.g. [walls, ceilings. floors] in a fashion that causes us to hear the sound more than once – in a confusing way. Our brains are actually quite good at sorting these things out, but in some circumstances, such as small rooms with highly reflective surfaces, or ability to retain a clear perception of sounds is lost. When this happens to sounds in the bass or low-mid frequency ranges it is common to call the result “muddy”.

What is a standing wave and how does it affect my room?

A standing wave is an equilibrium of the waves [actually the same wave traveling back and forth over itself – first in one direction, then in the opposite direction] bouncing between the surfaces of the room.

General FAQ's

Can I return my DIY kits?

Because we offer these items at, or near our cost – they cannot be returned and refunded UNLESS they have been unused, unopened and in their original packaging. They must be returned to our Distribution Center and received without any visible damage of any kind. Otherwise, they cannot be re-used.

What are the advantages of your products and service over the competition?

Ready Acoustics Chameleon Series Bass Traps and acoustic panels offer a number of advantages over our competition’s products. We offer durable products that are elegant, yet travel well (are portable) and are washable! Our products feature very easy, no nonsense mounting accessories which allow you to hang your acoustical panels in just about any kind of space. Be it a wall, corner or ceiling, our acoustical panels can be mounted just about anywhere, with very few tools, and no convoluted diagrams. Chameleon Series Panels come in 8 basic colors, (7 frame colors) and can be advance-ordered in many, many other colors! The ability to customize your Chameleon Series Panels (using any fabric you desire) is a great advantage for Restaurants, Studios and Home Theatres. With Chameleon Bass Traps and HF/Noise Absorbers, your acoustical experience can be as customized as you can imagine and our products are ready for use right out of the box.

What are your products made from?

Ready Acoustics Products are made from the very best, USA made materials money can buy:

Our proprietary acoustical fabric:

  • Elegant, Class A Fire Resistant, breathable microsuede-style upholstery materials (available in 10 colors and 3rd Party, independently tested in a World-Class Acoustical Analysis facility. (see our Lab Results in the “Support” section)

Our framing materials:

  • Professional-grade Powder Coated Steel Frames (available in 7 colors) which feature several attachment locations for hanging in just about any configuration imaginable.

We use ONLY Owens Corning acoustical absorption materials in our product’s core.

Why are your products so popular?

We believe the popularity of our acoustical solutions stems from a few facts. Here are just a few:

  • Ready Acoustics Bass Traps and HF Noise Absorption Solutions are durable, yet elegant.
  • Ready Acoustics Bass Traps and HF Noise Absorption Solutions are very cost effective compared to competitor’s cheap materials, low grade manufacturing, and unreliability, not to mention their absence of any significant fire rating at all. Whats more; ALL Ready Acoustics products are backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on YOUR satisfaction.
  • Ready Acoustics Bass Traps and HF Noise Absorption Solutions come in a variety of colors, not just 2 or 3. Plus, they can be advanced order in nearly any color you can imagine.
  • Ready Acoustics Bass Traps and HF Noise Absorption Solutions were developed by professional musicians with hours and hours of experience in some of the top studios/ sound environments in the WORLD; along side world-renowned Acousticians. A discriminating eye, ear and wallet have made our Ready Acoustics products the best solutions for many, many applications.

What payment methods do you accept and how secure is my information?

We accept almost all forms of payment. Credit Cards are taken securely on our pricing/ ordering page. We accept PayPal from verified PayPal users and those with a PayPal payment history. We accept bank transfers in many instances, including International orders. We also accept verified International credit cards via our secure website. You can mail payment to the address on our Contact US page. Personal checks require 10 business days to clear before we process your order. US Postal Money orders are accepted as well.

All transactions made through our website are EXTREMELY SECURE and encrypted at twice the industry standard! Your data is NEVER shared with anyone, anywhere or for ANY reason. Ready Traps LLC does not retain your credit card information.

How long will it take to complete and ship my order?

Our Chameleon Series and RT Series panels typically ship in 1-2 business days. We ship via UPS ground (win North America/ by many other means world-wide) and you’ll receive tracking information via email when your order ships.

Will I receive confirmation from you on my order?

YES. If you use your credit card through our secure ordering page, you will receive an instant email receipt (provided you’ve entered that information accurately during the ordering process). If you’ve made payment via mail or bank transfer, we will notify you once your payment has cleared. If at any point you would like more information on the status of your payment, contact us via our phone or our 24/7 LIVE Support Portal located on the Home Page of our website.

Do you have clinical information on the performance of Ready Acoustics Products?

We Do .View our acoustic data now.

Can I purchase Ready Traps from a store?

We are working with a few vendors at this time in an effort to bring Ready Traps to retail locations and we will be posting that information on our “Dealers” page as soon as it is available.

I live in Australia. Can I order Ready Traps?

YES!! We ship to almost every place on the Globe, and we welcome International orders. If you want to make the most of your savings, we suggest ordering the Ready Traps Acoustical Bags, and utilizing rigid fiberglass or other sound insulation available in your part of the world. This is an extremely cost effective way to acoustically treat your listening space and will offer the most efficient use of your money. However, if you want a complete “Ready” solution for your needs, we do offer shipping on our complete panels to all places around the globe. Please email us for the most accurate quote via our Contact Us page.

Acoustic Insulation

What about Owens Corning 705?

Sure, you can use that as well, but it does not perform better than OC703, it costs more and weighs more than OC703.

See the acoustical OC705 and OC703 acoustical coefficients data taken directly from the Owens Corning website here:

What insulation do you recommend for use with your DIY Bass Trap bags?

Owens Corning 703 is the product of choice in the USA and wherever else it may be available. Outside the USA, Rock wool (Roxul), acoustical cotton and other types of acoustic insulation can be used.

Yes, but I have read that higher density acoustic insulation (like OC705) is better for low-end absorption.

That’s simply not true.

Owens Corning has thoroughly tested the absorptive properties of both 703 and 705 in acoustic laboratories and found that the less dense material [703] better absorbs low frequencies. Here are the manufacturer’s published absorption results for these two materials;

You can review an extensive compendium of absorption coefficients for various materials here: http://www.bobgolds.com/AbsorptionCoefficients.htm

The common misconception that higher density acoustic insulation makes for better low frequency absorbers arises from a fundamental misunderstanding of how the physics of porous acoustic absorption works in the real world [as opposed to the world of internet chat forums].

Density is not a defining characteristic of a porous absorber. Density is instead a by-product of the characteristics which are defining.

In a porous absorber there is an impedance jump when the sound’s pressure wave transitions from traveling through air to traveling to through the absorber, but after making that transition the intrinsic gas flow resistance of the medium comes into play.

When comparing two version of a specific acoustic insulation material [such 703 and 705] it is these two properties which make the difference. 703 and 705 are made from the same base fiberglass material. The properties of entrance impedance and gas flow resistance vary with the porosity of the board. In the process of manufacturing the board, as the material is compressed to a greater degree, density rises as impedance climbs and porosity declines. The task of choosing the proper core material is one of matching the impedance and porosity of the core material to the thickness of the panel and its application.

With too high a porosity [and low impedance] the sound can easily enter the material but the sound waves may pass all the way through the panel before they are fully absorbed – with too low a porosity [and a high entrance impedance] the sound will tend to bounce off rather than enter the absorption panel [especially at grazing angles].

Use plain boards of 3 lbs. pcf density semi-rigid fiberglass boards [703 or equivalents] for making broadband panels [either 4” or 6” thickness]. The porosity and impedance properties of 703 is excellent for panels of this thickness. The entrance impedance is low enough to allow the sound waves to enter the panel, and the porosity is high enough to absorb the wave before it leaves the panel.

Choosing a higher density fiberglass board such as 705 instead of 703 for a broadband panel will yield lower performance at low frequencies as the gas flow resistance and impedance of this material are less than optimal. If a different material such as rockwool or cotton or hemp fiber boards are used to make a porous absorber, you must ignore the density properties of 703 [3 lbs. per cubic foot] and instead seek a material with similar gas flow and impedance properties in order to match performance with 703.

If you want to explore a better understanding of how the gas flow resistance properties of a material define its absorptive properties you can use this porous absorber calculator to model the performance of various materials: http://www.whealy.com/acoustics/Porous.html

How much insulation should I use for the RT424B Broadband bass trap bags?

4” total thickness (2×2” slabs) of OC703 is preferred. You can use the equivalent of OC703 as well: CertainTeed CB300, John Mansville and other 3pcf materials (at 2” thickness). You can also use Rock wool (mineral wool) with great results.

How much insulation should I use with the RT426B Super Sub Bass trap bags?

6” total thickness (3×2” slabs) of OC703 is preferred. You can use an equivalent of OC703 as well: CertainTeed CB300, John Mansville and other 3pcf materials (at 2” thickness) are good alternatives. You can also use Rock wool (mineral wool) with great results.

How much insulation should I use with the RT422B HF Absorber Bags?

2” total thickness (1, x2” slab) of OC705 is preferred. You can use an equivalent of OC705 as well: CertainTeed CB600, John Mansville and other 6pcf materials (at 2” thickness) are good alternatives. You can also use Rock wool (mineral wool) with great results. This is the only time we recommend OC705 over OC703 and other 3pcf materials as it is more rigid and will hold its shape better when used with this 2” variety of Ready Bags.

Is Acoustic insulation dangerous to my health?

If used in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer, acoustic insulation is a safe product to use. Use common sense when handling insulation, as it can be a skin, throat and eye irritant even if you handle it within the manufacturers guidelines. Let COMMON SENSE be your guide. Gloves, a light duty mask and long sleeves are good things to consider wearing when working with any type of insulation.

Chameleon Acoustic Frames

What types of acoustical insulation can I use with Chameleon Frames?

Recommended Acoustical Absorption materials: – Mineral Wool (Rock Wool, etc) any density. – Fiberglass Acoustical Insulation from 1-3lb density such as OC703. You cannot use materials such as OC705 or other 6lb pcf materials(by themselves) with Chameleon Acoustic Frames. Our frames are made to pressure fit acoustical absorption materials, and higher density materials are slightly too thick for such on their own. If you use a combination of 705 and less dense materials, you should be fine.

What is the Chameleon Acoustic Frame?

Well, (very excitedly) Ready Acoustics’ Chameleon Acoustic Frames may just be the acoustic aesthetic breakthrough of our lifetime. The Acoustic Frame is a unique DIY option for those who want control over the customization of their own acoustic treatments and who are tired of very over priced acoustic treatments that give you NO control over the finished aesthetic. Ready Acoustic Frames are a super-easy to use, highly customizable DIY option that allows you to use the fabric of YOUR choice (you can use our fabric as well) and create a highly effective, Designer Grade Bass trap in minutes. * The 4″ Chameleon Frame has 2 versions: a, a solid frame version and b, a punched our logo design option. We ship whichever is most readily available at the time of your order unless otherwise specified by you in the “Special Instructions” box at check out.

Why was it created?

Ready Acoustics recognized that none of the acoustic treatments on the market today offer any kind of customization (to you the consumer) at all. You’ve always had to “settle” for boxy looking, drab designed bass traps and acoustic panels that cost too much, or fall apart. NO MORE. Chameleon Acoustic Frames offer 100% customization by YOU that looks and performs FAR better than other treatments available today. Let’s face it; you want Bass traps and acoustic panels that are going to match your décor or your individual aesthetic desire. Ready Acoustics Frames provide you the unique and inexpensive opportunity to create a customized, Finished and Designer grade Bass Trap that YOU (and your spouse?) create.

What colors are the Chameleon Acoustic frames available in?

See all of the frame colors at our Chameleon Bass Trap builder utility here

We currently offer 7 distinct color options: Black White Sand (off white) Burgundy Blue Red Light Grey

More colors will be available soon.

Can I paint Chameleon Acoustic Frames?

Absolutely. Knock yourself out! Make it your own!

What sizes to Chameleon Acoustic Frames come in?

Currently, we offer Chameleon Acoustic frames in the following industry standard configurations:

48x24x2 inches (Use with our 2″ High Frequency Ready Bags)

48x24x4 inches (Use with our 4″ Bass Trap Ready Bags)

48x24x6 inches (Use with our 6″ Super SubBass Trap Ready Bags)

Will Chameleon Frames fit UK, European and Metric sized acoustic insulation?

Yes. Our C4 and C2 Acoustic Frames will fit 1200x600x100cm or 1200x600x50cm sized acoustic insulation. The C4 (Broadband Bass Trap Frame) and C2 (High Frequency/ Noise Absorption Frame) can be used in conjunction with RT424 and RT422 Ready Bags, or your choice of fabric found locally.

How do they work?

In a word: Perfectly. Chameleon Acoustic Frames make it easy to create your own Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels. Check out PDF tutorial.

Will my spouse like them?

Even better: march your spouse down to the fabric store and tell them to pick out anything they like! Now you get the acoustical environment YOU want and your spouse gets the look HE or SHE wants! YOU BOTH WIN!

What are Ready Acoustic Frames made of?

Tough, Powder coated Cold-Rolled Steel baby!

Are steel Ready Acoustic Frames fire resistant? I hear that other traps made of cardboard and/or wood are fire hazards

Did we mention that Chameleon Acoustic Frames are made of powder-coated steel? Yes. Ready Acoustic Frames fire resistant!

Can I use Ready Bags with Ready Acoustic Frames?

Well, (humbly) YES. Ready Bags are (in our opinion) the perfect match for Chameleon Acoustic Frames. All of the photos on this site show the Chameleon Acoustic Frames with Ready Bags acoustic covers.

Can I fit Ready Acoustic frames around my existing Ready Traps?

Absolutely. Chameleon Acoustic frames were made to retro-fit Ready Traps and panels made using our Ready Bags. They can be used on other types of upholstered acoustic panels with the same dimensions as our Ready Traps. Many of our customers have purchased Chameleon Acoustic Frames to fit over their own DIY panels, and are very pleased with the aesthetic upgrade and additional mounting options they provide.

Can I send my Ready Traps to you and have you retro-fit them for me?

Absolutely. There is labor charge of $10.00 per panel to do so. Shipping and frame cost is extra.

Can I send you my fabric and have Ready Acoustics LLC make my Chameleon Bass traps for me? What will it cost?

You bet. If you send your own fabric to us, we’ll create your Chameleon bass traps for you. There is a $20.00 labor charge per panel. (Shipping and the cost of frames is extra of course) Email or call us to schedule this and arrange payment.


How can I order your acoustic products?

It’s easy. You can order most of our products and services right at this website. Simply add items to your cart, (update your totals) and then click “check out”. You can call us with your order as well. We LOVE our customers!

I am in Australia, but I vacation in Italy. How do I order Ready Acoustics products for International delivery?

It’s easy. Simply add your items to the shopping cart. While on the order page, enter your country in the drop down menu below the total and click “update totals”. This will show you the shipping charge for your order. When ready, click “check out”. Enter your billing information and delivery information and finish your purchase.

Will I receive a receipt for my order?

Absolutely. You’ll see the order confirmation screen as soon as your order is processed. Also, if you entered your email address when entering the rest of your information, you’ll receive a printable receipt in your email box. You’ll also receive links to check the status of your order and tracking information as well.

How long will it take to process or build my order?

Most orders are shipped the same or next day. This can vary some times, but this time frame is a good “guide”. You’ll be notified by email, phone of both if your order will ship later than expected.

I want to order some Ready Acoustics products, but I am not sure what I need. Can you help me?

Absolutely. And regardless of whether or not you buy our products, we’ll help you determine the best treatment for your space. That’s right, free of charge. Get started by sending us some pictures and information about your space here: What Do I Need?

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards at our website and for phone orders. We also accept company and personal checks at our mailing address located on the Contact page. All checks (of any kind) must clear your bank before your order will be processed. We also accept bank and wire transfers here:

Can we make our purchase on a P.O.?

Yes. If you are a company or institution of higher learning, you may make your order on a P.O. However, payment in full is required before we ship your order.

Ready Acoustics Panel Products

What are Ready Traps made of? (complete panels)

Our Bass Trap, High Frequency Absorber and Acoustic Panel products are made from the finest acoustical materials available. Here is a list:

  1. Owens Corning 703 (3lb pcf) acoustic insulation
  2. Ready Acoustics proprietary fabric
  3. Fire resistant (self extinguishing) plastic interior framing

Ready Acoustic panels are made with great care and expertise and performance as well as attention to detail are our main focus when constructing your order.

How well do Ready Traps perform?

In abject scientific testing at the birthplace of Architectural Acoustics, Riverbank Acoustical Labs, our Ready Acoustics Bass Traps performed outstandingly and with great reason. Our Ready Traps utilize proven components to yield the very best acoustic absorption results. Ready Traps are perfect for Home Theaters, Studios, Churches, Restaurants, Hotels and for industrial applications and perform better than other very expensive products on the market.

Can you illustrate the performance of Ready Acoustic products?

You bet. See the graph below. These are outstanding absorption yields unique to our products.

Are Ready Traps “limp-mass membrane” absorbers?

No, and neither are other types of absorbers with material bonded to surface. (this is yet another piece of misinformation floated on the internet.)

Limp-mass absorbers feature a membrane that is not bonded to acoustical insulation and is free to move independently of the acoustic insulation. Though our Ready Acoustics fabric (when used with acoustical insulation) tests like a “membrane” it is not a membrane absorber in the acoustic science sense of the term.

Yes, but I see other companies touting their products “limp-mass” membrane absorbers.

Sure, but ask them to show you the “membrane”. Better yet, ask them how it is free to move independently of the acoustic insulation in their products.

How many Ready Acoustic Panels do I need for my space?

Each listening environment is unique and may require differing amounts of absorption to attenuate a room in the best and most economical manner. The best way to know or sure, is to ask us. Send us some photos from your computer and a bit of info on the space, and we’ll create a customized prescription for your space, free. You can upload photos and info right from our website here: What Do I Need?

Here is a “guide” for some rooms:



All of our DIY products are offered to consumers at very near our cost. This is one of the reasons for their popularity, and the great demand for such means they may not ship as fast as some of our factory finished products. Get quick answers regarding current ship times for DIY products by clicking the “Chat” link on our home page. Our Acoustical consultants will give you quick answers to this and many other questions you might have.

How do you ship your products?

When shipping to the Lower 48 United States, we use our wonderful UPS rates to secure shipments to any part of the world. This is the best, more reliable service in the industry and is far less expensive than you might imagine.

If shipping complete panels Internationally or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, we may use differing methods including International Air freight, International Courier services, Ocean Liner and other various means. We shop for price and reliability so check with us if making even a modest order of 6 or more complete panels and would like them shipped to destinations outside of the USA, Canada or Mexico. Email us here: shipping@readyacoustics.com

Is my order insured?

Absolutely. Your order is insured for the dollar amount of the order, less shipping.

What if my order is damaged during shipping?

Call us immediately after you receive the order so we can determine the best way to get you what you need. We rarely (if ever) hear of damaged shipments however.

Can I use my own account number with FedEx? What about a freight forwarder?

We prefer to use our shipping methods unless otherwise discussed. Our shipping rates rival any others in this industry and with our background in International Freight forwarding, you can be sure the best price has been negotiated for your long haul orders to destinations outside the USA.

Will UPS leave my order if I am not home?

In most cases where the driver feels it is safe to leave your package, they will. However, this is at the sole discretion of the driver. If UPS feels it unsafe to leave your order at your door, they will leave a call tag for you with information on how to arrange a specific delivery time.

I won’t be home to receive the order, can I have it delivered to my work?

Yes. You’ll be required to list a direct dial telephone number for you are your work place when you make your order.

What will it cost to ship my order?

Your order will be shipped in the most efficient and economical way via UPS and you can check the cost to do so after adding items to your cart. Here is how to determine the cost to ship your order: (show screen prints/images of each step)

  1. Add all of your items to your cart
  2. Update your totals
  3. Click the “Estimate Shipping” link in the left corner of that window

The total for shipping is what you will be charged and in most cases. This total is sometimes “less” than we charge you to ship your order.

I tried to determine my shipping cost, but it gave me an error

The rate table may be updating and this may be the reason for the error message. Call us and we’ll process the transaction for you. This will ensure your order ships quickly.

How long will it take for Ready Acoustics to ship my order?

Most non-diy orders are shipped within a couple of days.