APS2400 – Acoustic Panel Stand


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The APS2400 is a heavy duty, vertically adjustable Acoustic Panel stand made to accommodate both Chameleon HF Noise Absorbers, broadband Chameleon Bass Traps and Super Bass Traps. It’s center-weighted, balanced design keeps your panels stabilized in corners, near flat walls and in many varying applications. Portable and adjustable, the APS2400 Acoustic Panel Stand allows you to raise panels high enough to create an instant vocal booth, drum shield, Gobo or sound barrier. Used by top Pros’ like Joe Barresi (Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, Melvins, Anthrax, and more) this panel is center weighted so that the entire unit is stable in use. It also allows you to use it in corners where the left and right sides of Bass traps should touch two adjoining walls and help further reduce room resonances. Perfect for applications where attaching something to a wall is not possible or where adjustability and portability are a must. The APS2400 is no average stand. It features locking screws to increase stability when used to raise panels as much as 2.5 feet off the ground (from the bottom of the panel) and is constructed so that other APS2400’s can be used right next to each other and have each panels edge touch the other.


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