Room Acoustics Analysis and 3D Room Rendering
(fully refundable with purchase)

Ready Acoustics is proud to offer Professional Room Acoustics Analysis and Sketchup Imaging of your acoustical space.

Home Theaters, Home Studios, Pro Studios, Churches and Restaurants, all benefit from expert acoustic advice and treatment. And the best way to know exactly what acoustic treatments to use, how many, and where to place them is with a professionally develop Room Rendering of your space. Imagine; no more guess work, no more fuss and no more sifting through confusing information on the Internet. Now, you can get it right the first time with our acoustic imaging service. Starting at just $50.00, you not only get great imaging of your acoustical space, you get great advice on what to buy, how not to over-spend and how to use the most effective acoustic treatments available on the market today; Ready Acoustics Panels. Our Room Imaging and Treatment Advice service shows you in graphical detail the problem areas of your room and exactly how to treat them. In just a few clicks, you can turn your room into a professionally treated acoustics space that will provide a listening experience you’ll love.

Finally, a Professional Acoustics service that shows you exactly just where to place your acoustic panels for optimal performance. This includes our recommendation on what type and how many Bass Traps/ Acoustic Panels you need for your specific space.

What you’ll get:

  1. 3-4 standard views of your acoustical space.
  2. Details for placing your acoustic panels that can only be explained in pictures, or in this case, a Sketchup rendering of your room.
  3. Confidence that your purchase will be utilized to its fullest and that you won’t overspend.
  4. This service is 100% FULLY REFUNDABLE when you make the recommended acoustic treatment package purchase with Ready Acoustics!

What you need to send us:

  1. Clear images of your space showing all walls and full ceiling
  2. Details regarding the use of the room – is this a 2 Channel Listening room, Home Theater, Studio Mix Room, Gymnasium, etc
  3. An overhead line drawing, quick, overhead sketch, etc showing the dimensions of the room

Send your information to us this way:

Forward a copy of the purchase receipt you received from us via email. Include the above listed information and remember to keep you image file sizes small – not the pictures themselves (bigger and clearer is better in this case), just the “file” size of each image should be as small as is practical for you.