1. Our products are used by professionals such as Jeff Juliano, Michael Wagener, Joe Baressi, Erben Perez, David Bendeth, DW Drums, the US Government, US Military, Comcast Offices, Renowned Art Galleries, the United Nations Building and many more. These pros and organizations can use whatever they want, and they wisely choose Ready Acoustics to make their rooms sound and look their best.
  2. Ready Acoustics uses the finest materials available to construct our Bass Traps, HF Noise Absorbers, Diffusions Devices, Stands and DIY products. e.g. Owens Corning acoustical absorption mediums, 18ga Cold Rolled Steel, durable powder coat paint and our proprietary Acoustical Fabric.
  3. Our products are Class A Fire Rated – safe for Home, Business, Restaurant, Educational and Entertainment facilities, Government offices, or any other space where products MUST meet a building fire code – other brands cut corners and use flammable wood, glue and even cardboard to construct their products. Not Ready Acoustics. Is your safety worth it? See our Class A Fire Rating report here
  4. Third Party Laboratory Test Data/ Results – no “in house” or “bedroom” testing. Our products are tested at Riverbank Acoustical Labs (the birthplace of architectural acoustics) and other facilities in the Netherlands. Complete product specification reports are generated and published in their entirety at our website. We include EVERY detail, even the information other companies “hide” from their customers.
  5. Adherence to STRICT acoustical principles and sciences. No “magic” pixy dust or voodoo analysis, testing or explanations. Our products and approach to development meet rigorous multi-faceted scrutiny from acoustical professionals in the USA, Belgium, Netherlands and more.
  6. Beautiful Aesthetic options and user customization of our products– you can customize our acoustic treatments with up to 52 possible color combinations of fabric and frame, or an infinite number of possibilities using your own fabric to match your decor.
  7. Absolute Value – No other acoustical absorption company is more dedicated to offering absolute value than Ready Acoustics. Ready Acoustics products are not the most expensive and are not the cheapest. Our DIY products allow people to build their own acoustical treatments with little effort, and yield devices that look and perform like those costing 5-10 times as much.
  8. Education – Ready Acoustics is dedicated to helping real people solve real acoustical issues in their rooms. We’re not interested in psychoanalytical discussions that confuse people. We want you to know what we are recommending and why, in simple and honest terms that help you decide what to buy, and why. Our goal is to help you understand some of the acoustical challenges your room/space is presenting and how you can solve them without breaking the bank. In many cases, we advise using less product overall than you might originally believe you need. Ready Acoustics updates it’s website regularly with educational materials and information. We also sponsor and offer our expertise to various DIY forums where the discussion of acoustics is scientifically based, and where the ever-present acoustical BS (found all over the web) is left at the door.